Soft Tissue Therapy

I did several body work courses with Angel’s animal LLC. The soft tissue therapy also called Myo-Manipulative functional Therapy is accredited and approved through several National and International Organisations. It is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue to eliminate pain or restore motion. This includes Swedish Massage to relax the dog, Gua Sha to work on scar tissue and Shiatsu to balance the dog’s Ki energy.

Benefits of Myo-Manipulative functional Therapy :

There are many benefits for soft tissue massage including:
– strengthening muscle and tendon integrity
– structural balance
– improving blood circulation to promote healthy muscles
– stimulating lymphatic drainage to promote healthy joints
– improving a range of movement and body balance
– reducing muscle tension

“Wonderful service, and a real connection with dogs! Our dog gets stiffness in his hips and has digestive problems. We saw a real improvement after treatment. Thank you”
– Carly

“Nicole worked on my dog Imogen who is around 12 years old and survived a tick. Imogen’s back legs seemed to give her some problems with sitting. After a few sessions with Nicole I saw Imogen sit straight instead of with her back legs of to the side in a long time. Very happy with Nicole’s work.”
– Annette

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