Like many, I have had many twists and turns in my life. Once upon a time I was a secretary, living in Switzerland. However, I felt something was missing and that I wasn’t really following my passion, which was animals. My mum told me that when I was little I would run away from home and they would find me in the cafe next door, under the table, hugging a dog……. So I packed my bags, followed my heart, moved to Australia and studied Zoology at James Cook University, Townsville. After I finished my PhD in Biology (frog disease ecology), I moved to Cairns and met my now husband.

I love being a home-stay mum but also looked at opportunities to learn and grow. I became a qualified IAIM infant massage instructor and an ENJO consultant.

In 2019 my life was turned upside down, cutting a long story short, it reached the peak of some ongoing back problems. During that year I learnt that healing your back isn’t only about mechanics but emotions and more. I also realised that it was time to focus back on animals, because that is why I moved to Australia in the first place. This is when I found Dr. Angelique’s holistic animal studies (https://www.holisticanimalstudies.org/) and I fell in love. My passion for animals was re-ignited and I can apply the wisdom of my own healing journey.

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